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Super Bowls Social Media Statistics

Naturally, the biggest game of the year yielded incredible results both on and off the field while also dominating the conversation on social media. But the players and the game weren’t the only trending topics on social media as the commercials certainly made an impact.

According to a report from TalkWalker, the success on social media was apparent, particularly for Tide’s Super Bowl commercials.

Here is a rundown of the stats:

  •  5.3 million mentions of the Super Bowl on Sunday, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram including 1.4 million mentions of the Philadelphia Eagles and 804.7K mentions of the New England Patriots.
  • 163.8K mentions of Tide during the Super Bowl
  • Mountain Dew & Doritos joint ads was mentioned 115.1K times.
  • The Eli Manning/Odell Beckham Jr dancing ad generated 34K mentions.
  • #SelfieKid hashtag had more than 11.4K mentions.
  • Global Super Bowl Activity – Brazil (186.8K mentions), Mexico (172.1K mentions), UK (147.7k mentions), Canada (129.1K mentions)
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show – Justin Timberlake (1 million mentions), Tribute to Prince (117.2K mentions)