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Chances are you have seen it while searching for an Internet Marketing Company; The Guarantee.

It may look or sound something like this:

“We guarantee that you will achieve at least as many page one Google rankings for keywords that we agree are believed to drive relevant, income-generating traffic to your website. If we do not reach this milestone by the sixth month of our relationship, we will provide those services for free until we do.”

That sounds great doesn’t it? But the fact is they are lying to you. No Internet Marketing Company has any magic wand or method to guarantee the rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Here is another “Guarantee” you may have heard:

“We guarantee you first page rankings in X amount of time”

Sure, they may be able to get you there for a short time. Maybe a month, maybe two, maybe three.

But when these methods clearly violate Search Engine rules and when they get flagged your site can be penalized or, worse, banned which means you won’t rank for any keyword terms in the Top 50 and something Top 100 for a long time.

But don’t take our word for it, check out Google’s stance on link schemes and then read about Bing’s

They both want to eliminate the manipulation or gaming of their Search Engine results. That would immediately dismiss that validity of any Guarantee. If they can make such a promise then they must be using a manipulative method in direct violation of the rules.

In the end you could be throwing away a lot of money you invested in an SEO Company who made you a Guarantee like this. Not only is that money down the drain but losing your rankings can cost you even more as well as the costs associated with getting the mess cleaned up.

At Elite Rank Media we make you one Guarantee:

To deliver top quality, trusted and effective Internet Marketing solutions that will make your brand, company and website a more powerful force in your industry.



Anthony DiMoro
President & CEO of Elite Rank Media