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Author: Anthony DiMoro


5 reasons to purchase desktop computers

Hustle and Cashflow is a blog that aims to educate millennials on personal finance. What allows to differ from other personal finance blogs, is how we chose to communicate bersonal finance and money to millennials using humour and relatable language while providing quality information about

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Fallout From Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook has finally apologized for the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took center stage to address the fallout, while outlining the social media giant’s plans moving forward. London-based consultancy Cambridge Analytica misused data from 50 million Facebook users and many users were left wondering


Twitter Planning To Expand ‘Verified’ Service To Anyone

When it comes to social media profiles few things are as sought after than a verified symbol or checkmark on your profile page. On Twitter, for example, the indicator meant a number of things. You were a verified account, meaning that you were acknowledged as