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Elite Rank Media stands out from other internet marketing companies because of our experience, efficiency and our creativity.

Anthony DiMoro’s (CEO) experience spans over 10 years and is widely known for his ability to implement successful methods and strategies to elevate the brands & companies he works with. Anthony is also known for the creation of his own popular sports media brand, Sports Rants, which blends social media, content, discussion and digital media in an innovative format. Sports Rants reached over 37 million page views in 2014, is home to over 200 writers and has a profound following on Social Media.

While directing internet marketing for Safari LTD, a toy company, Anthony’s creative vision & internet marketing acumen made a significant impact on the company.

Safari LTD has been known for their educational toys but their website was severely lacking. During initial research it was discovered that Safari LTD’s website was not favorably viewed in search engines and was close to being unlisted.

Anthony formulated a creative strategy that would turn the company around.

The strategy Anthony created & implemented was focused on an extension of Safari LTD‘s product line of educational toys. Anthony developed what is now known as SafariPedia, which is a section of Safari’s website that is 100% dedicated to educational information regarding the animals & creatures that Safari LTD offered.

Untitled 177

Anthony directed dozens of professionals to construct the educational information of each animal & creature featured on SafariPedia. The results created the most robust educational section in the entire toy industry.

Untitled 179

The approach paid immediate dividends. Safari LTD‘s website saw an incredible boost in both traffic and time spent per website visit. Additionally, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing all organically reacted to the comprehensive approach.

Since Safari LTD ships worldwide, the impact on foreign search engines such as Yandex was both incredible and profitable. The section saw amazing results within the first 3 months of being online and active.

Not only were search engines favoring the informational & innovative element, they were organically ranking Safari LTD’s website for exact animal names.

Untitled 60(1)

Untitled 61(1)

The impact wasn’t exclusive to the website.

Social Media such as Facebook & Instagram skyrocketed as well. Coupled with internet marketing efforts, Safari LTD’s Facebook and Instagram pages continued to grow tenfold

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As you can see, the methods & strategy of Anthony DiMoro profoundly impacted Safari LTD in many areas of internet marketing which positively impacted their bottom line.

It’s this kind of approach that makes Elite Rank Media stand alone in the industry. You can get the power of the Elite Rank Media team on your side! Contact Us and we can help you Go Elite!