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Social Media Truths

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Reasons Why Social Media is Vital to Progress and Innovation in Business Today  

Social media has been able to be a consistent force in the business world. Its reach, low cost, and wide acceptance have gained it a space among essential business tools. It extends across all age levels, income brackets, and occupations. Use of social media can provide business owners with advertising and marketing functions, give businesses a vehicle for client engagement capability to ensure client satisfaction, and a enable a platform which can at the same time provide product education and customer service from business owners to customers.


The impact of Social Media is felt by all businesses, large and small.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from the increasing reach and acceptance of social media in the many ways it is used each day. From using it as a means to establish a presence on the web to using it more directly as a means for companies to maintain contact with their customers, a business is only as effective as its social media “footprint” is in today’s market.


Recent evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of Social Media for businesses

Recent information in USA Today details how businesses have incorporated innovative use of social media into their regular operations to make contact with clients to grow their businesses.(8 August 2014, In an example from a small business in Chicago, the business uses client engagement and the dissemination of information about the business, a massage therapy business, to attract clients and sign them up for appointments with the business.

The ability to read about the business and its services regularly attracts new clients and helps the business keep its appointment schedule full with little cost to the business for providing the material.


How businesses are using social media and specifically how they are utilizing it to drive revenue

Businesses are making use of social media to advertise their offerings and inform the public about the nature of the business. This creates new client opportunities and drives new clients to the businesses. By using social media as a means to advertise a business, demand for that business’s services is created. Because the reach of social media is world-wide, the audience is virtually limitless. In terms of return on investment, a business only needs to maintain its site responsibly and make it easy to find. Client interest and demand provide the rest of the equation of social media success.


Why Social Media is Vital to Progress and Innovation in Business Today

Social medial is vital to business today because it allows entrepreneurs market and engage with their customers for a minimal expenditure to produce results of progress. Its flexible format and easy accessibility combined with its wide reach make it an indispensable item for any business’s tool chest.