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Elite Rank MediaMeet Elite Rank Media

Meet Elite Rank Media

Anthony DiMoro
President & CEO
Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Specialist
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I am the founder of Elite Rank Media as well as Sports Rants. Elite Rank Media launched in fall of 2009 and throughout that time we have been able to develop a Marketing Methodology that I truly believe can benefit your business. I believe we are a unique SEO Company with creative ideas and a true passion for websites and the internet.

My belief is that SEO and Internet Marketing isn’t about tricks or automated methods, it’s about improving your website and delivering effective services that deliver long term results. We are the edge you need to dominate your market and beat your competition.

I have been in this industry for close to 10 years. In 2006 I joined an SEO/Internet Marketing Company named Internet Marketing Ninjas that would become one of the most recognizable firms in the industry

During my tenure I was consistently recognized as the top SEO Link Builder. This ultimately led to my natural transition to SEO Manager.

During my time with the company I trained over 80% of their Link Building Staff, directed over 500 website accounts and helped formulate and implement comprehensive internet marketing strategies.

SEO is a passion for me and I absolutely love websites. I truly believe that I have developed a method of SEO that is not only reliable & safe, but delivers results.

I’m a business owner, so I know first hand how critical online success is to success with any business or brand.

My websites (2007-2012) and (est. 2011) have both been recognized in press, media, news and award contests. I know what it takes to make websites work.

Whether you are a company, local business, entrepreneur, musician or blogger I know I can provide Internet Marketing Services that will make a difference.

I look forward to working with your company!




lorenzoLorenzo Rossi
Director of Sales & Client Relations
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Lorenzo Rossi brings Sales & Client Relations expertise to Elite Rank Media. His experience in both the New York City and South Florida markets provides him the unique skill set that provides our clients with top notch services.

Lorenzo works with each client to develop a proper package to fit their needs and their budget.

Lorenzo has had world class training on cold calling and reaching out to decision makers as well as an ability to handle and resolve customer issues in a short time frame.

Lorenzo’s goal is to get to know your business, your industry and your goals so he can work with the Elite Rank Media team on creating a service package that meets your needs and delivers results.




Mabel MullanMabel Mullan
Director of Web Design

Mabel Mullan is the Director of Graphic Design of Elite Rank Media.  She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Graphic Design major and a Art History minor. But she didn’t stop there. To further her education and to challenge herself she decided to pursue her Masters degree in Information Technology.

Why technology you may ask? Well, Mabel first became interested in technology before attending college. The thought of art in technology and how they can work together to become something extraordinary, something beautiful and artistic fascinated her.
From the intricate design and production of a car door handle to the inspiring paintings of Salvador Dali. It all begins with a thought then a sketch. Mabel believes art and technology can be found all around us and together they can make something beautiful.

When creating a design or masterpiece Mabel’s eyes and ears work as a scanner, storing information from the world around her. She is constantly thinking about new designs and ideas. She never stops.  Mabel believes that inspiring content is all around us you just have to be able to step outside the box to see it.  You can get it from a song or from daily activities. Your environment can help you create something truly unique.

Her work draws from my perspective on life, personal experience and general surroundings. “My life and what surrounds me is always connected with art in some way or another. In emptiness I see richness and in simplicity I see complexity. I believe there are no limits for art, and that is what keeps me passionate in what I do.”



portraitAndre Melo Oliveira
Director of Web Development

Andre is the Lead Programmer of the team. His motto is “With enough time, money, and coffee, I can program anything.”

He graduated from Florida International University (FIU) with a Bachelors in Computer Science, but his love for technology and programming began much sooner. When he was ten he wrote his very first application in the “Klik & Play” game engine and in high school he programmed LEGO Mindstorms competitively.

After graduation he was employed by FIU and within two years became the lead developer for the core web team. He designed and developed the Events Calendar, Campus Maps application, and numerous solutions for the departments on campus. He later went on to design and develop a custom shopping cart application for a major toy company.

Andre’s main goals are to make elegant and efficient solutions for any problem presented to him. Like a bulldog, he will clamp down on a problem and will simply not let it go until he is satisfied it meets his very high standards.